Mahindra is not going to create a product that looks like a Peugeot

In an interview with Financial Express, Viren Popli, Chief of Operations at Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited, revealed that the company will let Peugeot have an independent identity in India. Further, he mentioned that MTWL will not create a product that will look like a Peugeot.

Popli explained that Peugeot stands for some thing great and its long history shouldn’t be messed with.

MTWL has finally announced that they will not shuffle badges with Peugeot.
Vehicles from both brands will have different positioning, hence Peugeot will be Peugeot and Mahindra be Mahindra. The French company will cater to the premium segment of motorcycles and scooters while the native brand will grow its roots deeper into mass segments.

But that doesn’t mean Mahindra will not learn a thing or two from Peugeot. MTWL’s Research & Development team will have access to Peugeot’s technologies, which will be adapted for future Mahindra motorcycles and scooters (not the ones launching this year).

To show to investors, dealers and at the same time learn about the components and their feasibility for local production, Mahindra has brought some Peugeot scooters to their R&D facility in Pune. They were spied a few times.