Mahindra Racing gets ready for the San Marino GP

Thanks to a strong performance by both Mahindra Racing riders, Marcel Schrotter and Danny Webb, at the qualifying session yesterday, they will start from the 15th and 19th position respectively in today’s final race. In all 34 bikes will start today’s San Marino GP.

Marcel has finally a got a chance to break into the top 10 in today’s race while Danny too has the chance as he seemed to be a lot faster on the bike during qualifying. If he maintains the same tempo, then he too will be able to finish in the top 10 for today’s GP.

Schrotter who is just 18 years old and hails from Germany, after the qualifying session said, “Not so bad to be in the top 15, and we have a chance to get into the top ten, if I can get a good start and get with a fast group. The first three laps will be very important. Qualifying was physically hard: it’s very hot and humid, and it’s difficult to stay concentrated. We had a good session this morning, and in the end we could improve again. We had a little chattering at the rear, but I think we can fix it.”

20 year old Brit, Danny Webb after the qualifying said, “It was better than this morning, but not ideal for me. There are some little things that I can’t seem to get perfect with the setup. The type of corners doesn’t help: tight bends followed by a straight … so I can’t roll through fast and keep the speed up. We’re close, but not where I want to be. My hand isn’t a problem when I’m riding, at least not so far. I’ll give it everything I’ve got.”