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Maruti Swift collides head-on with BMW X1: All 4 in Swift killed, while 7 in X1 survive

Maruti Swift Bmw X1 accident

Safety of Maruti Suzuki cars is again questioned after the latest accident in Karnataka.

A report in 2014 revealed that India reports the highest number of road accidents in the world. Our roads witness a fatal road accident every 3.7 minutes. And instead of decline in road accidents, year 2015 is all set to register highest ever road deaths till date. In spite of such data available to car manufacturers and to car buyers, not many consider safety as an important aspect of a car while manufacturing or buying, respectively.

Maruti Swift Bmw X1 accident

National Highway 67, which connects the state of Karnataka with Tamil Nadu, has witnessed one such accident. This accident once again highlights the benefits of having safety features on board your car.

A family of four, 55 year old A S Mudhol, his 50 year old wife Sowbhagya, their children – 30 year old Sampathkumar and 26 year old Manju were on their way to Ooty over the weekend. Mr Mudhol, who works as an assistant manager in a local media outlet in Shivamogga (Shimoga earlier). He was driving the Maruti Swift in which the four were travelling.

Cruising at a decent speed, Mr Mudhol suddenly noticed a woman crossing the road (many of us would have witnessed a similar incident while driving or riding on our National Highways. This is because of the presence of local residences on the side of the highway).

Failing to stop the car in time, Mr Mudhol lost control of the Maruti Swift, and barged onto the wrong side, with oncoming traffic at high speed. This resulted in his Maruti Swift colliding with a BMW X1 compact SUV, head-on. All four inside the Swift have died, while the seven people travelling inside the BMW X1 have survived.

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It is not confirmed whether passengers inside the Swift were wearing seat belts or not, but the car did not have ABS or Airbags – the two basic safety features which should be offered as standard in all cars. On the other hand, BMW X1 is a 4/5 seater. There is no way all of them were wearing a seat belt. But still everyone inside the car survived. Thanks to a stronger body shell and airbags.

We are not comparing BMW with Maruti. But, if there were airbags and ABS in the Swift, and if the passengers were wearing seatbelts, the four would not have died.

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Sagar Patel

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  • Nice article highlighting perils of cars manufactured here. Unfortunately in India both manufacturers and buyers focused on kitna deti hai and resale value. It does not cost much to add 6 airbags + ESC+ HillHold Assist features but they ignore in the guise of cost. Many cars such as swift, i10 and Datsun go are structurally unsafe. But neither manufacturer nor government cares least. At least they can add as an option all the safety features. Even cars like City(only 2 airbags and no ESC) and Corolla (only 2 airbags no ESC) offer stripped down version compared to what they offer in other countries.

  • Government should intervene in this. Cars manufactured in India, exported to other countries are much stronger and well equipped as compared to those which sold here in India. Stricter rules are the need of the day. Cars like Swift, Alto which are structurally unsafe sells in thousands a month but Fiat Punto which is one of the safest in its category, can’t even cross 500 units a month with same pricing.

    • A very good point.!
      I was about to write exactly the same.
      Same Price, Better build, better features.

      Source: Have both the cars in the family

  • swift rated 0stars on NCAP test like tata nano .. alto…. datsun go…. swift is scrap & cheap ………. thats why maruti sold out 13lac units of swift…… things’ll sold out easily..

  • Log pde proudly bol re… ‘Its german,they r better’, ‘indian car doesnt consider safety..etc’ … Salo rate b dekh lo.. Yehi swift me agr lga de sare safety features aur rate badha de to around 8-9 lakh.. Dasso kaun lega.. !!!! Manufacturers market ko dekh k he product bnate hai… India me log he safety prefer ni krte, btao kitne log helmet dalte hai… Aur dalte b hai to kis quality ka… Usme to koi force ni krta ghatiya lene ko.. Fir kyu lete hai 100-150 k 3000-3500 k kyu ni . !!!

  • There is a swift Zxi/Zdi option with airbags and abs. Dont blame everything on maruthi and indian car companies. I own a swift zdi and the abs have saved me several times. But the thing is, when i went to buy it, the sales people were sayn these abs, ebd and airbags stuffs are not required for “indian road conditions” !!! So don’t forget to blame the sales guys and the people who buy cars without safety features, valuing a lakh of rs extra bigger than their lives.

    • As per the safety rules and regulations in India the Airbags and abs is standard in all cars. Even the crash reports conducted recently claims that Maruti Swift is 3rd or 4th in least safety ranking. These cars are even prohibited from exporting because of this. Maruti Swift is also having a weak chassis when compared to other cars in that segment.

    • This is genuine claim. Maruthi cars are weak in safety is fact. Dont support against fact, just because you own one of those inferior safety car and moreover pls dont use indian car company to support your arguement.

      • Well said.. N I feel sorry for people who blindly think Maruti Suzuki is basically an Indian origin brand
        N people mainly fall for its resale value,mileage n local service parts..

    • Exactly… Those sales people are trained to make a fool of the buyers, and a majority of the buyers are indeed fools, to fall for their non-sense arguments.
      Accidents happen only once, and like in the above case, there might not be a second chance.

      • It has good build quality, may not be upto the mark of the European ones, but it is only like a little lower than em. I am ready to sacrifice a high build quality for a little lower build quality, same engine, better resale value and wayyyy better service networks.

    • I agree, swift may not be the safest car of the lot, for middle class people like me who needs a fun to drive car which is easy on pocket,has a good ground clearance and with good after sales support, there ain’t no other option. My point is, more awareness should be created for making safety options standard, and sales persons who are giving out the wrong message should be sacked. Like in the US, the awareness caused the companies to raise their car’s safety.

    • One should get a Ford Figo Titanium with all safety features for less than 50k than Swift ZDI, still people prefer to go for Swift VDI wherein they get Ford Figo full option for same price.. so its not the price people consider here,, they want to show off, they feel Ford Figo is not a status symbol compared to Swift !!!! they don’t know ford started in 1905 decades before Maruti!!!, Also Indians are ready to spend 50 or 60 k on woofers, DVD, amb, ambient lighting etc to show off, but airbag abs is nonsense for them !!!

  • The manufacturers obviously value their profits and greed over the human safety. And the buyers are just fool enough to value their penny savings over their own safety.
    Unless buyers stop buying cars without safety features, and pressurise manufacturers to make those as standard features in all cars, why would greedy manufacturers every consider it?

  • Maruti is trying to dilute crash test norms for India like crash test speed of lower 56Kmph from standard 64Kmph etc, choosing a maruti is literally suicidal!

    • Let’s
      be hopeful. India is mandating crash tests soon, and that will help do
      away with some loopholes that exist now. there’s no sense in passing off
      safety features as an accessory that you have to buy as an add on. Once
      that gets standardised, we’ll be in a better position.

  • One
    of main reason of lack of safety in indian cars is rules and parametars
    for tax…tatswhy most car makers are make unsafer cars great example
    maruti dezire before its safer & stylish now it become ugly &
    unsafe at rear ..time is overcome to change some rules & parameters
    about tax…

  • Of
    course we know how to get more ppl in one tiny car, the topic here is
    for safety which we as buyers should consider, because manufacturers can
    sell anything in the name of cars. We shell out lakhs to get our cars
    why aren’t we spending a few thousands
    more to make our rides safer. Lamenting won’t save lives as we all
    should accept the fact that govt doesn’t really care when we still see
    rising number of swifts and Datsun go being sold. Better buy your safety
    lesson to be learnt

    • The
      same way 3 people ride on a two seater bike, or put a child in a car
      without a baby seat. While the structure looks to have withstood impact,
      there’s very little that can be done if you’re in a car that’s devoid
      of basic safety norms. In addition, if
      you’re not wearing a seatbelt, you’re going to have serious impact
      within the car. How does the structure matter then? No one is saying
      they were crushed to death upon impact.

      • n
        for your info maruti is trying 2 make airbags n abs standard across the
        models in its line up….. see d recently launched s cross and
        baleno……. even thy have made abs and airbags as an option on d lower
        and mid variants of the swift…… we can’t
        still escape d fact that in india where cost plays a very significant
        in manufacturing of a car…… things are changing towards a brighter
        side and try to promote that

    • While
      the photograph doesn’t look convincing and breeds doubt in your mind,
      fact remains 4 occupants died in the accident. It also throws open a
      discussion in regards to what safety norms should be standardised for
      better road and passenger safety. *This was the only available photo.

  • Did anyone notice this : “It is not confirmed whether passengers inside the Swift were wearing seat belts or not, but the car did not have ABS or Airbags – the two basic safety features which should be offered as standard in all cars”.

    ABS does not have any influence in frontal collision. Only Airbags and seatbelts have. Airbags do not deploy if the seatbelt is not worn. Therefore I believe that the passengers of the Swift were not wearing seat belts and it can be fatal if there are head or spinal injuries. Airbags and seatbelts could have saved the Swift passengers.

    Also I dont know how 7 passengers could be fitted in the BMW X1..

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