Maruti Swift DC Design edition – love it or hate it

The sheer number of one-off custom mods and off-the-shelf sport body kits Maruti Swift has received in India is probably the highest with a significant difference from whatever car that is number two. Recently, Maruti Suzuki held a contest to bring out the all the spiced up Swift mods on a platform called Show Stopper, to award the best design in the country. They released videos and conducted never-ending polls, and gradually lost interest in the event and swept it under the rug (apparently).

But this one is a DC Design Maruti Swift.
Dilip Chhabria’s version of Swift is just as complex as many of his other artworks on wheels, giving out a rather unique vibe which most mod-makers out there wouldn’t have come close to.

Unlike some of DC Design‘s significant custom works, this Swift job is not so comprehensive, but one of the vital elements that helps one identify the model through his peripheral vision is replaced with DC’s own, which makes the car look otherworldly. Which is his signature.

DC Swift’s death-by-vannila interior is also a love-or-hate design, that would’ve added finesse if backlight of instrument cluster and centre console were switched to white.

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