Mercedes Benz E Class does Africa to Goodwood on a single tank of fuel

Mercedes E Class does Africa UK (1)Covering a total distance of 1,968 kms (1,223 miles), Andrew started his journey from Tangier in Northern Africa. His goal was to reach Goodwood in time for the opening ceremony, because the car he was travelling in, was going to be on display at the Goodwood FoS.

In his almost 2,000 kms journey across two continents and four countries, which he managed to cover in 27 hours, Andrew had relief driver along. The drive was not straight and smooth, which would have helped achieving better mileage. In fact, Andrew encountered heavy rains, intense heat, traffic jams, altitude changes and the usual which is bound to be faced when on a long trip like this.

Mercedes E Class does Africa UK (9)In spite of this, the Mercedes Benz E Class E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID which he was driving, managed to cover that distance without any trouble. With 80 liter fuel tank, the new E Class is one of the most fuel efficient cars in the segment. Andrew managed to get an average mileage of 73.6 mpg (3.1 l/100 km or 32.3 kmpl).

During our review recently, we too were surprised to find how efficient the new E Class is.