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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin at Brandenburg Tor, S-Class fragrance system showcased


While fashion and art is the focus at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin at Brandenburg Gate, Mercedes Benz will also showcase the new S Class fragrance system. These fragrances are not to be applied to a person’s body but instead will be used on the body interiors of the new S Class vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin (10)Each of these fragrances has been tailor made for individual preferences taking into account the vehicles color, textures and design. This makes the S Class to be the first car to have adjustable interior fragrances while these fragrances have been designed to ensure that the occupants do not smell of this once they leave the confines of the vehicle.

The four fragrances are ‘Downtown Mood’, ‘Nightlife Mood’, ‘Freeside Mood’, and ‘Sports Mood’ which will be presented at Fashion Week Berlin while Sabine Engelhardt is in charge of presentation along with Engelhardt Daimler futurologist and fragrance expert.

The show will also include Laurel’s new Summer 2014 collection created by Head of Design, Elisabeth Schwaiger whose works have been inspired by her husband, Munich artist and painter Jo Netzko. Her designs are a mix of fabric and the transformation of oil paintings into wearable art pieces.


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