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Mercedes Benz offers improved safety features protecting occupants and pedestrians alike

It has been a decade since when Mercedes Benz had first unveiled the PRE-SAFE anticipatory occupant protection system. It is their commitment to pedestrian and passenger safety which has been the company focus with continuous forms of improvement along the way.

PRE-SAFE functions are beneficial in preventing collisions with pedestrians and vehicles in complex city traffic conditions while pedestrian detection, City Brake function and autonomous braking of vehicles have seen further development. Mercedes Benz pedestrian detection has been added to BAS PLUS and PRE SAFE brake functions. Stereo camera and radar sensors have been added to augment detection of pedestrians in direct approach to vehicles while visual and acoustic warnings go off when danger is eminent or if driver reaction time is hampered.

In the event of driver failing to react PRE SAFE Brake automatically triggers vehicle braking and is active upto 72 mph. While the system prevents approaching danger, it also takes care of rear end collision which is possible through a radar sensor in the rear bumper monitoring traffic from behind. This can be avoided at speeds of upto 50 kmph, thus proving the company’s commitment to prevention being better than cure.



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