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Millennials want better transit options to be less reliant on a car

46% of current vehicle owners would consider giving up their car if they could turn to a reliable range of transportation options. 27% of Millennials in cities with “mature public transportation systems” (including Chicago, New York, San Francisco) lay emphasis on the need to have regular access to a car or truck in their city in comparison to 60% of Millennials living in cities with “growing transit systems” (including Charlotte, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul) and 82% of Millennials living in cities with “aspiring public transportation systems” (including Indianapolis, Nashville, Tampa-St. Petersburg). Millennials are keen on opportunities to live and work without relying on a car (86% agree in mature cities, 82% in growing cities, and 77% in aspiring cities).

“Young people are the key to advancing innovation and economic competitiveness in our urban areas, and this survey reinforces that cities that don’t invest in effective transportation options stand to lose out in the long-run,” says Michael Myers, a managing director at The Rockefeller Foundation. “As we move from a car-centric model of mobility to a nation that embraces more equitable and sustainable transportation options, Millennials are leading the way.”

70% Millennials who are at present without regular access to a vehicle could not afford to live in an area without public transport access. Those without access to a vehicle account for 15% of the millennial population (disproportionately lower-income).

“These findings confirm what we have heard from the business and elected leaders we work with across the country,” said James Corless, director of Transportation for America. “The talented young workforce that every region is trying to recruit expects to live in places where they can find walkable neighborhoods with convenient access to public transportation. Providing those travel and living options will be the key to future economic success.” The survey was released today by The Rockefeller Foundation and Transportation for America.

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