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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV India boot camp

The Garden city and IT hub of the country, Bangalore played host to the Pajero Sport at an event held at wonder Valley Resort. Pajero Sport a leading SUV from the Mitsubishi stable proved its worth during the Heart-in-Mouth boot camp held at Wonder Valley.

During the event about two dozen Pajero Sport utility vehicles were pt to the test on a specially created 4-km track designed to incorporate features like downhill and uphill gradients, slushy terrain, rocky paths, criss-crosses and pits. Pajero Sport is a robust and rigid vehicle that handles well in the toughest conditions. Its seating style and interior space provide one with a comfortable arrangement for short as also long drives.

Mr. Mohammed Sadiq Jaffer Sait, an international consultant in agriculture who participated in the camp today, said, “Pajero Sport is a man’s car. Ever since I bought the vehicle in last December I have driven about 6000 km across cities crossing the worst of Indian roads. The vehicle generates confidence while going off the tarmac but also gives the comfort required for a long journey along city roads and highways. It is indeed India’s best off-roader.”

Mr. Christopher K Raj, CEO of Omni Matrix, an automobile-component manufacturing company, has been the owner of a Mitsubishi Cedia sedan for four years. Describing himself as a Mitsubishi vehicle fan, he stated, “Pajero Sport is a strong but easy-to-manoeuvre vehicle. It offers best quality drive both within the city and its outskirts. I along with my 12-year-old son and his friends enjoy long drives in it. Recently, I took them out for a drive to a dry lake. It was great fun! The seating style and space is so comfortable and well designed that the kids even had a picnic inside the SUV. I and my son loved the thrilling experience of real off-roading today and I am left with no doubt about Pjaero Sport’s ability.”

Mr. Vijayan, had this to say, “The enthusiastic response to today’s Heart-in-Mouth boot camp shows that Pajero Sport needs no introduction about its ability. The vehicle once again proved its power quotient and ruggedness by tackling the 4-km arduous obstacle course with ease and aplomb.” He addede, “Pajero holds the record of 13 consecutive victories in Dakar Rally – one of the most difficult inter-continental automobile racing contests. No terrain is forbidden territory for the robust SUVs of the Pajero family. While a maestro of off-road driving, Pajero Sport is, at the same time, more than a match for the best sedans when it comes to traversing city roads and lanes. Its state-of-the-art designing and manufacturing as per the highest Japanese standards make it the best choice for customers.”

During the obstacle course, teams were divided into batches of ten each and were expected to complete the course within a time period of one hour. The event helped Pajero Sport owners get a feel of how their vehicles handle in off road situations. Participants taking part were given an opportunity of a 50 point check up free of cost amongst other facilities and benefits.


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