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Maruti dealer thinks Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is a real SUV, Heart-in-Mouth off-roading

The off-roading boot camp, saw 30+ Pajero Sport owners in the city and from around tackle ruts, rumblers, slush, side inclines, steep ascents and dangerous descents over a 3km track. The programme was organised by Hindustan Motors Ltd., which manufactures and markets Mitsubishi passenger vehicles here under a technical collaboration. The tough SUV has serious off roading credentials, and is a winner of the Dakar Rally.

A visibly enthused participant, Maruti dealer Mr. Ahmed Ali Khan, said, “I was waiting eagerly for the event. It was a great feeling. The event was really a heart-in-mouth experience… My kids also participated. They screamed with excitement throughout the run and are overjoyed. I will certainly like to take part in the event when it is held again.” Mr. Khan had driven the Pajero in Thailand and Dubai and, impressed by its world-class performance, was eager to buy it. So he bought the Pajero Sport in Hyderabad in March. He has used the vehicle, which was launched last year and has won BBC Top Gear’s ‘Off-roader of the Year 2012’ award, for a lot of off-roading in forests of Nilgiri and down in Ooty. “When I drive Pajero Sport I feel as if I am moving the earth. Pajero Sport is the real SUV (sport utility vehicle),” Mr. Khan feels.

Describing his experience is another daring participant, Mr. Murthy Poojari, a medical doctor by profession: “I have gone for long drives in Pajero Sport which I bought six months ago. However, I had never experienced off-roading. The Heart-in-Mouth event was a thrilling and amazing experience. It really set our hearts pounding. Two of my doctor friends also shared the thrill here today. And now they are planning to buy the vehicle. My family is also here and has loved it.”

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