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Modified Tata Xenon masquerades as Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept

Modified Tata Xenon as Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept - front
The recreation is fairly accurate

The modified pickup truck mimics the butch looking Mercedes design concept.

Somebody from Jammu Kashmir was obsessed with the brilliant Mercedes Ener-G-Force design concept so much so that he decided to imitate it with his Tata Xenon pickup truck. The end result is not bad at all!

Ener-G-Force design concept was a digitally rendered project submitted at Los Angeles Design Challenge which asked the participants to come up with a law enforcement vehicle with go anywhere capabilities for the year 2025. The futuristic concept which was based on G Class was not intended for production.

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force

Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept was a project submitted at 2012 LA Design Challenge.

Though modified Tata Xenon is no match for the original concept’s devastating appeal, the modifier has done a decent job of recreating most of Ener-G-Force’s striking design elements such as deep set rectangular headlamps, muscular bonnet, roof-mounted lights and prominent front grille with Mercedes logo.

Modified Tata Xenon as Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept

The original yellow and grey color combo would have been better.

Since the concept is a SUV and Xenon is a double cab pickup, there is nothing much to imitate. So, the modifiers settled for flared wheel arches, tough looking side bars, multispoke alloy wheels, off-road tyres and a grey cover for the luggage bay with integrated spoilers. While the concept SUV employs horizontal taillights, modified Xenon settles for vertical units to keep it simple.

Modified Tata Xenon as Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept rear

The rear has no apparent connection with the Mercedes concept since the body styles are different.

We think, yellow and grey color combo of Ener-G-Force would better highlighted the modification. How do you like the modified Tata Xenon? Share your views in the comment section.

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