MP and his supporters beat toll plaza employee. Guess why.

Bahadur Singh Koli, BJP’s Bharatpur MP was passing through the Ludhawai toll plaza on the Agra-Bikaner highway when his car was stopped by two toll guards. Though Koli has denied beating up these guards, a video clip has surfaced revealing exactly what happened that evening.

Koli later accepted that his men had beaten the guards for apparently unruly behavior. He stated that his Mahindra Scorpio was passing the toll plaza and was allowed through by the person operating the tax collection booth and barricade was lifted.

National Highway toll India

However, later some guards ran after the car swinging lathis. Koli stated that these guards grabbed his driver’s neck and threatened him, following which the other occupants in the vehicle got out and thrashed the guards for using bad language and assaulting their driver. CCTV footage also reveals that the MP himself slapped one of the guards.

Police arrived on the scene but did not take any action against the MP but requested them to leave. Even as the MP is exempted from paying toll tax, Koli stated that since the person at the toll plaza apologized for his guard’s behavior, he did not take any further action or he would have lodged an FIR against them.

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