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New car buyers in India increasing, but negligibly

Following higher interest rates, cost of fuel and an otherwise dismal economy, actual numbers of new vehicle owners in India has increased only marginally in the current year as compared to 2011. While this number is not significant enough to say that the auto industry thrived during the current year, the incidence of problems related to excessive fuel consumption has dropped dramatically in the past five years.

JD Power Asia Pacific 2012 India Initial Quality Study has released their report on findings during the current year. Well versed with the market conditions and with over 16 years of experience in equating the problems of owners while dealing with new vehicles in the initial few months of ownership, the study revealed it findings on a study based on the current year.

The body took into consideration over 200 problem symptoms in 8 categories of vehicles while conducting this study. The study covered engine and transmission, vehicle exterior, driving experience, controls, displays, interior arrangements, audio, navigation and sound systems. A report was tabled on number of problems per 100 vehicles while the lower scores indicated that there were lower rates of problems or constraints experienced in new vehicles and a higher rate of satisfaction.


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Sagar Patel

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