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Nissan Datsun to share small car platform with Lada


Nissan Datsun to share small car platform with Lada (10)Nissan had announced earlier that the company will be reviving its Datsun brand, which will concentrate on sales in emerging markets. Datsun vehicles will be sold in countries like India, Indonesia and Russia starting from 2014. The company also announced that the Datsun model will share the same platform and under pinnings with Russia’s Lada which in mid 2014 will pass into ownership of Renault Nissan Alliance.

The new Datsun brand will build a small car off the Lada Kalina platform, while the two brands will also share other components such as braking and fuel systems besides steering mechanics. It will only be the upper body and interiors which will be poles apart. Datsun has announced that two models will make its way into markets of Russia, India and Indonesia by 2015, by which time the company will be expanding to other emerging markets as well.

Nissan will also be investing $395 million in Indonesia in the next two years. Production capacity is also set to increase to 250,000 units by 2014. This will ensure additional job opportunities in Indonesia as the company expands operations and brings in new product lines.


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