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Number of youngsters applying for driving licenses decline due to internet

We have come to a moment in time where everything changes. A time when things will not go back to where they started and a time when it is easier to get online than to drive over to your friends house for a chat. This is the age of the fast paced internet, which though it has its advantages, has a whole lot of disadvantages as it improves and gets faster with time.

A recent survey conducted, found that there are more and more youngsters who are shunning getting driving licenses due to the freedom afforded to them through the use of internet. The attitude is why to drive when I can easily get online and get the required information or chat with friends without having to traverse any distance at all?

It has been found that driving licenses handed out to youngsters in the 18 to 30 age group dipped drastically over the past three decades specially in those places where internet usage in high. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are an easier and less time consuming way of keeping in touch with friends and are more preferred to the face to face meeting that was common ground in days gone by.

Besides youngsters keeping in touch with friends over internet, internet is also useful for office work and people can now stay at home and yet keep in touch with their office and this too restricts the usage of a set of wheels.

Gloria Berquist, VP, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, says, “Carmakers have been aware of the trend for about five years. It is one reason the industry is looking toward markets in Asia for growth, rather than in the U.S. and Europe. For generations, the automobile has typified freedom. At 16, many people wanted to get their driver’s license because that was the way people connected with their friends. Now we’re seeing people connect through their iPhones. That’s their primary motivation – they want to be in touch with their friends, so they are less focused on buying a vehicle.”

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