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Petrol cars in India being offered with heavy discounts, no discounts on diesel cars

Car buyers stay away from buying cars during the month of December as they would like to wait for a few days and buy a car in the New Year. So car sales in December are not as good as compared to other months of the year. This leads to a rise in inventory levels because of which, discounts are offered in the month of December.

This December too, car manufacturers in India are offering discounts. Almost every petrol powered car in India is being offered with heavy discounts and/or benefits. The reason behind heavy discounts, especially this December is the decreasing number of car sales due to rise in petrol prices and interest rates in India.

The same cannot be said about diesel powered cars as their demand has increased substantially over the last one year. Last year, of the total number of cars sold, 34% were diesel powered, whereas this year diesel cars constitute 50% of the total car sales.

Diesel powered cars are high in demand for the simple reason that they are more economical compared to petrol cars. The demand is such that, car models where there is a diesel variant on offer, 80% – 85% cars sold are diesel powered. Diesel car sales in the month of November 2011, increased to 64% while that of petrol cars went down by 19%.

Speaking about discounts on petrol cars and demand for diesel cars, Mr Mayank Pareek, Marketing and Sales, Managing Executive Officer, Maruti Suzuki India, said, “The discounts are quite high – our tacticals and other benefits are 22% higher than in November this year. But the discounts are only on petrol models. Our diesel vehicles are still on wait-list – the Swift diesel in fact has a 9 month waiting list.”

Maruti Suzuki WagonR is available this month for a discount of Rs 25,000 while other cars from Maruti are being offered at an average discount of Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000. Chevrolet Spark is being offered with Rs 53,000 discount and Rs 11,000 free insurance. Beat and Aveo UVA are also carrying similar discounts. Volkswagen Polo and Vento are also being offered with free insurance, and with features like touchscreen multimedia system and navigation system at no extra cost. Honda too is offering City sedan with heavy discounts.

So if you are waiting to buy a car in 2012, think again.


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