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Peugeot Design Lab’s ONYX sofa

ONYX supercar was powered by a 600bhp hybrid powertrain with carbon fibre bodywork combined with copper, a cabin of felt and newspaper-derived wood.

Peugeot Design Lab furniture customers can choose their object and materials to result in an unique creation. ONYX sofa will be accompanied by seven sculptures including lamps, shelves, armchairs and tables. The sofa took 70 days to make and is being shown with a price tag of £ 113,300 (€ 135,000). Peugeot Design Lab’s piano too will be on display at Milan Design Week installation and demonstrated by 3 pianists.

Peugeot styling director Gilles Vidal said, “At Milan we are making a link between the ONYX Concept Supercar, a combination of efficiency plus audacious, natural materials, and the ONYX sofa. By using a sharp straight cut in the rock, this contrast in materials is powerful, voluntary and assumed in the way we look at the materials and how they are used. The carbon fibre with its very structured and technical texture has had its shape sculpted precisely to the volcanic stone with its texture and fault lines. While it’s been perfectly adjusted in dimensions and proportions it still follows the natural form and has an acceptance of not being in control of such a powerful natural material as shown by the stone mason’s random chisel marks.”

Head of Peugeot Design Lab Cathal Loughnane said, “This project was started in May 2013. From the beginning we had a very raw, very powerful sketch. The ONYX sofa is an illustration of a new concept that we intend to explore: unique pieces of furniture that are made to measure to suit the choice, origin and personality of the customer. However, they must always follow a common theme: the union, via a pronounced, clear cut, between hyper-technological materials such as carbon fibre, glass fibre, aluminium and raw and natural materials like rock, wood and stone.

“In a world where technology changes products very quickly, where people grow tired of things very quickly, we want to offer technological furniture that remains respectful of nature’s materials and the ancestral craftsman’s skills, a balanced marriage between performance and responsibility.”

Independent design specialist Pierre Léonforté said “The stone that has been chosen for the Onyx sofa has been around for more than 11,000 years. It has spent thousands of years filtering water and is resistant to freezing and chemical products. Carbon fibre is a material that PEUGEOT helped pioneer through its competition bicycles from the Eighties. By putting the two together in a sofa, the PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB has created a 400kg design that is terse, unique, exceptional and hand-made. A powerful monolith, provocative and mysterious, the ONYX, makes its mark as a distillation of the earth from nature, technology and the avant-garde. It is a coupling of materials never tried before, sealed by an oblique cut; the bearer of a strong styling signature and exceptional know-how.”

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