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Posing for a FaceBook profile pic? Watch out for the train behind


A girl in China was posing for photographs on the railway track near Shaodong, in Hunan province. Her idea was to get a shot, which would capture her hair flowing while a train passes by. But, one wrong step and everything went wrong.

girl posing for flowing hair in front of trainAfter getting enough images of herself on the track, the girl now decides that she wants one in which her flowing hair and the moving train can be see. So she waits for the train to arrive.

Finally the train arrives. The girl gets ready for the train to come closer. In order to get the perfect shot, the Chinese girl takes one final step back. All this is happening while the photographer friend is holding the camera. The final step backwards from the Chinese girl, proved dangerous. When she took this last step, she lost her balance due to rolling stones. This put the girl directly in way of the moving train. The train was travelling at 90 mph (145 kmph) and the impact pushed the girl and threw her away. The driver of the train, saw all this and slammed the brakes. He thought he had killed the girl, but luckily, the girl survived with a shoulder bruise.

The girl later says, that she was lucky enough to survive this incident. She is glad that she is alive. Accidents similar to these can be avoided. Cops later said, individuals should respect danger signs and be extra cautious while on the road or railway tracks.


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