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Range Rover Evoque helps Kenton Cool prepare for the world’s first Google Hang-out from Everest

Cool is now aiming to become the first person in the world to host a Google Hang-out from the peak of Everest. Cool has already begun his 11th summit to the Everest, as per his official blog. But, before that, Cool was seen preparing for his adventure in Norway, with the help of Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

Kenton is also the new brand ambassador for Land Rover. Mark Cameron, Land Rover Brand Experience Director, Global Marketing said: “We are delighted to have Kenton Cool as an ambassador for Land Rover; his skill, bravery and amazing achievements are a great reflection of the kind of spirit that is at the heart of our brand. His latest plan to host a Google Hang-out on the peak of Everest adds an extra dimension to the climb that promises to engage thousands of people around the world using the latest communications technology. Land Rover is delighted to be able to support him in this great adventure.”

Land Rover provided Cool and his team with the all new Evoque, which they used to travel to the ice climbing training region in Arctic Norway earlier this year. Speaking about the Evoque, Cool says, “As part of the team’s training we went to the Lyngen Alps, Norway with the intention to climb previously unchartered routes, which were by their very nature off the beaten track. The Range Rover Evoque truly came into its own. By using the Terrain Response® snow and gravel mode I had the confidence to go as close to the edge of the mountain as possible enabling the team to make the most of the short daylight hours to climb. This is critical in our preparation plans to conquer Everest.

“The studded tyres gripped like spilt honey does to the floor, and no amount of playing with the wheel and controls could get the car to lose traction for more than an instant. At the end of each day the team were exhausted, having climbed for hours in temperatures of -15C. Returning to the Evoque was such a welcome sight, extremely comfortable and easily coping with four exhausted climbers loaded with ice climbing kit. It really was a sight for sore eyes.”

Cool adds: “I have to admit that the team did fight over who would drive, especially when I let slip about the heated steering wheel. Ice climbing can be brutal on the fingers, climbers call it ‘Hot Aches’, a searing pain that occurs when the fingers get seriously cold then warm up, wrapping cold hands around the heated steering wheel was heaven.

“However, one of the best things about the Range Rover Evoque was the panoramic glass roof which enabled us to catch our first glimpse of the Northern Lights. I had never experienced the Lights before and we watched this spectacular show from the best seat in the world.”


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