Renault 2011 F1 car a technical failure: I regard it as a bold, but ultimately failed experiment says James Allison

Mr. James Allison, Technical Director of Renault has said that their new design for the current year F1 car has not been a success as originally expected.  When questioned about the R31 F1 car that the company has developed for next week’s Brazilian Grand Prix, Allison said that though Renault had taken a bold step, the plan has backfired resulting in a failed experiment.

James Allison had this to say. “I regard it as a bold, but ultimately failed experiment,” he said when asked about the R31 car in a team preview for next week’s season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix. ““We were the only team to adopt a forward exhaust layout, and we did so with high hopes, buoyed by very strong wind tunnel numbers.” “We came out of the blocks adequately well, although it was clear from the first test that the delivered downforce was not as high as we had expected. The season which followed has been difficult for everyone at Enstone. ” “The layout which had promised so much and which, had it delivered, would have been almost impossible to copy, proved very tricky to develop and had a fundamental weakness in slow corners that has been an albatross around our neck all year.”

Though Renault put in a lot of efforts into developing a car which was expected to be a success, the technicalities of the vehicle did not live upto expectations and hence resulted in its collapse.  Renault is now looking forward to going ahead in 2012 with all new exhaust rules and hopes of starting afresh.

Renault’s pre season testing saw Vitaly Petrov in third place at the Australian GP while Nick Heidfeld did equally well in the second race at Malaysian GP.  With Heidfeld’s departure and Bruno Senna of Brazil taking his place, the driver has secured only two points from 7 starts.  Renault is now in fifth place with 72 points, way behind Mercedes at 4th place with 159 points.