Passion for life is the new brand slogan for Renault Group

The French automaker has launched their new brand signature, ‘Renault – Passion for life’, effective mid-April, 2015.

Renault Passion for life rushlane
Their previous brand slogan – Voitures à Vivre (meaning ‘Vehicles for Life’). The new brand slogan is meant to be indicative of the turn taken towards refreshing their vehicle design philosophies

Senior Vice-President of Global Marketing at Renault, Michael van der Sande, expressed that the new slogan is actually a pledge to customers to making their cars bond with them emotionally through design and quality, which started materialising with the new Clio. The company stated that tangible signs of this new mantra can be found in the athletic lines of the said small car and also in Captur, Twingo and forthcoming Kadjar.

To send the message across more clearly, the brand’s graphic logo has also been revised to include the new caption. This will obviously start to appear striking at various forms of mass media and merchandises as well. The company explains that the Renault diamond logo has been let out from the custody of its surrounding outline, and made bolder.

The firm has said, the Groupe Renault’s new brand identity, covering Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors brands, will be unveiled at their next General Meeting towards the end of this month.