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Rok Bagoros betters performance astride KTM 690 Duke stunt factory bike (Video and Photos)

Stunt rider Rok Bagoros of Slovenia has the new KTM 690 Duke stunt factory bike to contend with and learn how to continue to thrill audience on this new and powerful stunt bike. KTM 690 Duke is five times more powerful than Duke 125 and hence Rok has to be more sure, secure and adept while taking control. Speaking of the new Duke 690, Rok has said that he is slowly getting control of this power packed 70 hp bike and has to work on his tricks and stunts to suit this mean machine.

The slightest of mistake can lead to catastrophic results and hence Rok has taken the 690 Duke to a secret location to practice speed, agility and stunts. It is here that Rok will be learning the ropes on inhospitable terrain across some special obstacles which he has built to get a hand on this powerful machine.

The bike has light weight Marchesini wheels, APTC slipper clutch and special rear dual Magura brakes. It claims a fuel efficiency of 14.5 km per liter and weighs 160 kgs with a full tank of gas while offering riders the most unforgettable and incomparable experience.

Press Release: Rok Bagoros steps up his game with the KTM 690 Duke

As if it couldn’t get any better for the official KTM stunt rider, Rok Bagoros of Slovenia has now stepped up his game with his new KTM 690 Duke stunt factory bike.

After amazing and thrilling the international crowds on the KTM Duke 125, Rok has now taken delivery of what is his first ever big bike and now has to work on converting his tricks to suit the more powerful machine.

“There’s a BIG difference between the two bikes,” Rok said. “The bike has five times more power then the Duke 125 and any mistake can result in a crash, as I’ve already discovered. The bike has amazing power but I’m slowly getting it under control. I have to remember that this is my first big stunt bike and so I have to learn how to handle the extra power and convert it into spectacular tricks that will be fun to do and thrilling for the fans.”

Rok has already been out on the 690 Duke to a secret location where he built some special obstacles and where there is enough space to practice new speed, agility and technical tricks.

So is he going to give up on the 125 Duke? No way! Rok will now use both bikes in his show to make it more exciting and more spectacular than ever. With the addition of the 690 Duke his international fans can look forward to more speed, more smoke and more fun with the girls!

Rok’s 690 Duke was especially tuned for stunt riding at the KTM headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria and will be incorporated into his show as soon as he has perfected his new tricks on the more powerful machine.

Bike specs:

  • 70HP
  • 160KG with full gas tank
  • Special rear dual Magura brakes
  • Akrapovic slip on exhaust
  • Stunt crash cages,wheele bar made by KTM
  • Sava soft radial tyers
  • 52 tooth rear sprocket
  • Grip tapes all over the bike


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