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KTM stunt rider Rok Bagoros at Murska Sobota 2013 RokON show

There was electricity in the air, but not because of the threat of upcoming thunderstorms, it was the energy that cumulated because of excitement of thousands of people who was expecting their hometown hero to perform in his first ever ‘RokOn show’ on his home streets. And Rok didn’t fail. He delivered what he promised. A spectacular show that they will never forget!

After the first part of the show that was dedicated to his fellow sportsmen, who came to support their friend and competed in a funny ‘slow speed’ race on Rok’s KTM Duke 200, Klemen Gercar, current leader in MX3 world motocross championship, skicross world champion Filip Flisar, ski flying world champion Robert Kranjec, ski jumping legend and champion Primoz Peterka and European kick box champion Dejan Vajs, all mixed among enthusiastic crowd and enjoyed the show.



Rok did his best to make his home people proud. He started and finished his RokOn show with fire. Literally! With a jump through huge burning RokOn sign he shocked the public and than just danced his stunt show away, mostly on front or back wheel with insertions of huge smoking drifts while his KTM engine roared through Akrapovic exhaust. He completed the show with a massive burnout with a bang, when his Sava tire exploded. No one could stop the thrilled crowd after that! And they just surrounded their hero.

After the show Rok put together first thoughts: ‘That experience will stay in my memory forever! I wish to thank to all who came here to support me. What more can a sportsmen desire if not just that! When I started the show and landed from a jump through burning RokOn sign I was shocked to see how many people came. Thousands literally packed the street and many even climbed to the rooftops on surrounding buildings to see me perform. All that gives me even more motivation to follow my ultimate goal and become the best stunt rider in the world. I wish to thank to my sponsors that supported me on this event, without them all this would not be possible’.

In May, he presented his stunts for the first time with ‘Rok On’ show at Kini Fullgas 2013. These stunts included variations on back and front wheels besides the all dangerous 180 degree jump besides bunny hop and the grand finale of burning ‘Rok O’ logo.

The stunts commenced with wheelie bar, vertical wheelies and sparks flew when the titanium pad came in contact with the asphalt surface. The events were particularly exciting for Stunt Rider Rok Bagoros as David Coulthard, Marc Coma, Felix Baumgartner and Kimi Räikkönen were in attendance to watch the performance.

The past year was also a noteworthy year for Rok Bagoros, factory KTM stunt rider who participated in a number of events on a KTM 125/ 200 Duke and 690 Duke. Performing in various countries across the globe in varied weather conditions be it freezing cold or sweltering heat, the stunt rider has stated that he wants to go on to be the best stunt rider ever.

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