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Rolls Royce cancels plans of an electric version of Phantom (Photos)

Rolls Royce has confirmed that they will not be bringing out the electric version of Phantom due to the fact that customers have not shown much preference for such a model. It was at the Geneva Motor Show that the company revealed their electric Phantom with a 1,452 pound battery pack. Christened 102EX, the vehicle seemed more sturdy and luxurious. It was smoother, quieter and the vehicle had its twin electric motors mounted on the rear half shafts hence there was ample leg room in the rear compartment.

The prototype did not receive any positive feedback from the market and hence the company shelved their plans of a full electric version of the Phantom. The car was introduced to 500 potential customers after the launch at the show for which the company did not receive direct support.

According to CEO of Rolls Royce Torsten Muller – Otvos, customers prefer to operate the vehicle with a quieter and more powerful engine but were averse to long charging time while distance options too are limited. In the electric version of Phantom, charging time is 8 hours while range is restricted to 120 miles which proved unacceptable to customers.

Off the record, a Rolls Royce em[employee said, “These people own jets! They’re used to flying from one continent to another. A car that goes less than 100 miles at a time is of no interest to them. They think electric cars are nothing more than golf carts. And they own golf courses. There was simply no interest, none.”

Rolls’ CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös too stated the same but in a mild and more professional way. He said, “The [102EX] always was a market research exercise. Over 500 people have been behind the wheel now, all over the world. The feedback is ambivalent so far, unfortunately. I wouldn’t have thought that. Because I’ve always loved the car from the very beginning. But the clear feedback is, there’s too much compromise.” What sort of compromise? “Charging time of 8 hours: unacceptable. Range of 120 miles – Unacceptable. 120 miles is definitely not enough.”



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