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Law refrains you from sleeping or reading in autonomous cars

autonomous car nissan leaf

Now with autonomous cars around, Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of California have announced some new laws pertaining to such cars. California has approved a set of rules and regulations to be followed when public use autonomous cars from January 1, 2015.

autonomous car nissan leafThe rules where testing of autonomous cars are concerned stipulate that test drivers must have been a licensed driver for three years with no more than one point on their licenses while they should possess an accident free record.

These rules also state that drivers should not sleep, read magazines or news papers or have any other forms of distractions in the vehicles while the operator must be in driver’s seat when the vehicle is maneuvering on public roads. This will allow operators to take control of the vehicle in an instant when deemed fit. Testers of autonomous vehicles should also maintain a log when and why the autonomous function was switched off during the journey.

autonomous car driving rulesEach of these autonomous cars and drivers need to be registered with the state and users will need to undergo an intensive driver training course. Manufacturers will also be required to take out a $5 million insurance in case of injury, death or any property damaged by the autonomous vehicle.

Once manufacturers comply with all these regulations they will have to pay $150 to register 10 vehicles and 20 drivers on a one year, renewable permit. These rules have been formulated so as to put restrictions on use of self driving cars as well as to ensure that autonomous cars are tested safely in public.

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