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Sebastian Vettel in 4th place and Fernando Alonso in 8th place start for 2012 Brazil Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton secured his last pole racing for Mcaren in his last GP with the team before switching to Mrcedes AMG Petronas in the next season. Fo Michael Schumacher’s last race, the German will begin his ace in 13th place. Qualifiers see Sebastian Vettel start in 4th place and Fernando Alonso in 8th place. With both racers looking to secure the Championship, Vettel’s 13 point lead puts him in a favorable place.

From the 2013 GP season, Coca Cola is going up against Red Bull energy drink as it has announced that it will be official sponsors of the Lotus F1 Team in 2013 through its ‘Burn’ energy drink brand. The company has entered into a multiyear deal with the F1 team which breaks convention of traditional F1 sponsorship marketing.

Burn is a Swedish high sugar, high caffeine energy drink with a tangy flavor available in 250ml and 500ml cans. It is distributed in a number of countries by Coca Cola Company. It is with this energy drink at the helm that Lotus F1 Team showcases its passion for speed and forges ahead as an emerging challenger in the sport.

The company goes up against its biggest competitor Red Bull which has used the F1 as a sponsorship platform for many years for its energy drink. Red Bull has also had ownership of two teams including the Red Bull Racing team which received its third constructors’ title at last week’s events.

Lotus has stated that the deal was a multiyear agreement while more details will be made known once the new partnership comes into effect. Formula One has recently returned to the US after a five year gap at a new circuit in Austin. Two races are scheduled in the country for 2014 with a Grand Prix in New Jersey and three scheduled for 2015.


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