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Segways in Lavasa, green transport

Segway Lavasa

Lavasa beckons visitors to enjoy its Segway Adventure tours, a sort of new initiative for India, which conforms with the planned city’s eco-friendly outlook. There’s nothing new about Segways, but using them as a safe and green mode of transportation ups the excitement quotient at Lavasa.

 Segway LavasaTourists and visitors can now cover large distances reaching lush green trails and travelling scenic pathways in battery powered self balancing mini-bicycles. Most importantly, they’re a whole lot of fun.

With functionality optimised on gyroscope technology and lean steer riding, they emulate human balance, and Segway PT uses about the same space a pedestrian would and is great on walking paths.

Using minimal space, manoeuvrability is optiumum with a zero degree turning radius being ideal for pedestrian sidewalks and pathways ensuring tourists are keen. Ecomantra Nature Adventure Pvt Ltd., is offering Segway services at Lavasa between 9 am to 6 pm.


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