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SIAM ACG fighting fake at Auto Expo: Say it with a slogan #SIAMFIGHTINGFAKE

Say it with a slogan SIAMFIGHTINGFAKE 1

To get visitors involved SIAM ACG is getting India auto expo 2014 visitors involved in interactive engagement activities. In a simple yet purposeful initiative, visitors can share their simple slogans against fake parts.

SIAM fighting fake activity is being uploaded online in realtime by visitors who visit SIAM ACG kiosks. Both kiosks Opp Hall No 1 have a tablet in place where visitors can submit their slogan online. These are being shared on Twitter @fighting_fake with the hashtag #SIAMFIGHTINGFAKE.

Those saying it with a slogan find themselves being clicked at the kiosk with the update showing up on the SIAM Fighting FAKE Facebook page with each individual slogan and a headshot of those giving their input.

In the short run, an immediate benefit of using fake auto parts is to save some money in the short run but it almost always results in costly repairs. Not just customers, even auto manufacturers are victims of counterfeiting. Counterfeit parts are smuggles and manufactured & distributed with forged or invalid documents resulting in revenue loss to the Government in taxes.

Say it with a slogan SIAMFIGHTINGFAKE 1Counterfeit parts can risk safety of customers. Manufacturers suffer in a big way through brand value degradation and firm reputation. In the larger scheme of things, the counterfeiting process reduces research and development due to non-achievement of planned revenues.

As non-genuine parts do not meet standards of genuine parts, counterfeits have a negative impact on mated parts, and degrade the life of your vehicle, and performance, thereby affecting (resale) value.


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