Sound of Horn: MINI wishes team Great Britain in style (Video)

The London Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Gareth Newman teamed up with MINI for the London 2012 Limited Edition MINI’s unique tribute to Team Great Britain. A MINI performance with maximum effect as it left tears in people’s eyes as the horns trumpeted their way through the tunes of My Country, Tis of Thee.

London Philharmonic Orchestra has just finished recording a total of 205 national anthems, each of which will be played during the upcoming London Olympics. This spectacular recording will not be among these but considering it is played to perfection on MINI horns is something that needs to be appreciated.

MINI has seen increased sales across the UK. German car manufacturers BMW had announced investments to the tune of £250 million over the next three years so as to increase capacity of British manufacturing plants where they manufacture MINI. This added investment will safeguard 5,500 jobs at BMW’s three UK MINI Plants however no new jobs are expected.

Read the press release below for more information.

News Release

MINI horn ensemble takes to the stage.

London. The eyes of the world were focused on London as Great Britain celebrated the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. And “God Save the Queen” is the message once again as the British capital looks ahead to its next major event from late July to early September. Just a few weeks before the world’s leading athletes go head-to-head in London, MINI UK and the London Philharmonic Orchestra got together to give the British national anthem a rather unusual twist. Nine professional members of the renowned orchestra and the horns of nine MINI London 2012 special-edition models duly joined forces for the job in hand. The result was a rousing performance which will provide a musical fillip for the British Olympic team as they launch their bid for medals in the most important sporting event of the year. MINI fans for whom the British premium small car is not only a cult object but also a cultural ambassador may like to hum their approval.

Pre-performance coordination and the dextrous touch of the experienced musicians ensured the MINI cars produced a suitably harmonious sound. Under the guiding hand of conductor Gareth Newman, the orchestra musicians – who provide a feast for the ears with trumpets, trombones and clarinets in their day jobs – also hit all the right notes for the MINI horn ensemble. “It’s the first time that we’ve attempted to play a piece using just car horns as instruments, and it was a fun and unique experience for us as musicians,” said Newman after the recording, which can be found on the internet at


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