Steve Jobs: The genius who drove a 2007 Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG minus a number plate

Ever wondered how the auto industry could benefit from Steve Jobs’ ideology? It’s quite simple really. He never introduced gadgets just because electronics major had introduced something. Furthermore, he never thought of low cost on limited capability products because of their limited profit margin.

Moving on, when it comes to famous geeks and their cars, Steve Jobs’ 2007 Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG has been photographed multiple times in Silicon Valley. The one question that always came to the forefront was the UPC barcode in place of an official California license plate. He obviously did not pay the California DMV to be permitted to use the UPC barcode rather than a regular license plate, and it has nothing to do with privacy concessions.

Steve Jobs did not use the bar code as a way to quicken billing of the possible parking tickets he could pick up. The UPC barcode on his Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG wasn’t a replacement for a license plate in the first place but the vehicles VIN number that is placed by the manufacturer. Since license plates have never been seen, it’s fair to assume that they weren’t being rampantly stolen, and he simply got fed up and opted out.

Steve Jobs may have quite simply chosen not to display a license plate on his car. Violation of the CA Vehicle Code 5200 where license plates are missing can attract a fine upto $250. Did he simply play the odds and win? Purchased in late 2006, the Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG didn’t clock top miles, and that would certainly reduce his chances of driving without a number plate. What can be taken for granted is that a newish looking car with no number plates may not always be pulled up to check registration.

An independent search of Santa Clara traffic records and nearby areas doesn’t reveal any plate-related fines for Steve Jobs. His citations since 2006 include 2 instances of speeding in Santa Clara County. A 2007 traffic infraction listed under Apple Inc. for lack of registration didn’t cause any real harm, and was dismissed.

If the Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG missing a number plate had anything to do with CEO anonymity, it didn’t quite serve the purpose. While here’s a mystery that does not need a solution what will continue to intrigue us is the man himself. Steve Jobs has in many ways changed the way we use technology and gadgets, making Apple a landmark that has changed the ways of the world.