When stray dogs decide to damage your expensive car – Video

A video of stray dogs attacking a Toyota Corolla car in the Turkish province of Sakarya has gone viral. It has been noted as rather strange behavior from dogs and hence draws viewer’s particular attention. The dogs took to the car which belonged to Cem Acar who works as a mechanic in the area.

The owner had parked his vehicle in front of his shop for the night and was surprised to see its condition on his arrival the next morning. He called in the police to survey the damage thinking that it was an attempt to steal the car but was investigations revealed that this was the handiwork of 8 stray dogs. The dogs were seen tearing off the front fascia of the Toyota Corolla while they were obviously attracted by something in the car’s interiors.

While he initially thought that the car was ravaged by someone trying to steal the vehicle, CCTV footage of the scene of the crime revealed that it was actually canine culprits who were involved.

The total cost of repairs is estimated at around 5,000 Turkish Liras ($1,600/INR1,06,824) which the owner would obviously have to shell out from his own pocket as no Insurance cover provides for vehicle attacked by while animals.