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Stuart Oliver wins Tata Motors’ T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship for Team Castrol Vecton

Team Castrol Vecton

The 115 years old British global brand for industrial and automotive lubricants Castrol has been involved in motorsports for many years, supplying to a number of teams, including Jaguar, McLaren, team Lotus, Brabham and Walter Wolf Racing. Apart from supporting many other forms of motorsports, Castrol has also been involved in Cricket and Football.

Team Castrol Vecton has participated in Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship, with Stuart Oliver and Dave Ball as its drivers. Born in 1963, Stuart Oliver began truck racing in 1998, winning his first championship. He went on to win the British Truck Racing Championship a remarkable 10 times and the FIA European Championship in 2004. Today he won the maiden Tata Motors’ T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship.

Team Castrol Vecton34 year old professional truck driver, Dave Ball drove the other T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship truck for Team castrol Vecton today. He began his career in go-karts at the age of 12 and continues to race today. He has also competed in oval racing for over a decade. He made to shift to truck racing in 2005, becoming Rookie of the Year and “most improved driver” in 2006. He won Division 2 in 2008.

Mr. Ravi Kirpalani – Managing Director, Castrol India Limited said, “We always love to partner up with OEMs and create good relationship through such events, we enjoy being supportive. Brand association builds buyers’ confidence, which also helps us get closer to the manufacturers. Being part of motorsports gives us a gateway into engine oil technology, helps us develop oils that survive extreme conditions.”

“We believe firstly that in the longer term, India is going to be a very exciting market for lubricants, expecting personal mobility to grow enormously and also trucking, due to increasing commercial activity. The micro LCV is also an area of huge growth, because when we think about circulating goods in dense areas, they play a very important role, and we are developing oil for such LCVs.


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