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Tata Motors all set to re-enter Russia with medium range trucks

Tata Motors all set to re-enter Russia with medium range trucks

Tata Motors, leading automakers in India, are once again ready to enter Russian markets where they will launch their medium commercial vehicles to include Prima and Novus range, while extending to sell their full range of trucks in the future.

Tata Motors had earlier made an attempt in 2008-09 to enter Russia which was thwarted right at the outset due to unstable economy. The company is now ready with their new line while distributors have been assigned and vehicles shipped out. Besides commercial vehicles in the Tata Motors range, products from the Tata Daewoo lineup will also be added in due course.

Tata Motors all set to re-enter Russia with medium range trucksBesides reentry into Russia, Tata Motors is also actively setting up new facilities in both Kenya and Nigeria from where the company will assemble commercial vehicles for the African markets. This decision follows certain change is strategies in Africa while these new units will be ready and functioning by second half of 2014-15.

Tata Motors added interest in expanding to global markets comes at a time when domestic sales are facing severe constraints. April to January 2013-14 saw total passenger sales dip by 6% to stand at 2,047,895 units while commercial vehicle sales were down 19% at 520,655 units. The first nine months of this fiscal too has not been any better with a 30% drop in total sales over same period in previous year.

Besides concentrating on export markets, Tata Motors is also looking at alternative fuels. Iris electric bus which has capacity to go upto 60 to 70 kms on a single charge is one such example, with the company planning added focus on alternate fuels, hybrids and electric vehicles in a plan running upto 2020.



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