Tata Motors launches Dipper Condoms to create safe sex awareness among truckers

Indian truck art isn’t lost on those who get on the highway. Bright, individualistic and noticeable. And while some of the messaging may not always be clear, a lot of what’s painted on a truck’s body is hugely representative of a trucker’s journey.

The Indian trucking community is a vulnerable group spending extended hours on the road. Their extensive travel pattern puts them and others around them at huge risks, namely STDs. With frequent stops to serenade sex workers along highways, truckers are a core group that needs all the help possible in the casual sex department.

tata dipper condoms

Tata Motors, the country’s largest truck manufacturer took inspiration from the over 6 million Indian truckers most popularly used message, ‘Use Dipper At Night’ to create an all new condom brand, ‘Dipper’. The move caters to promote safe sex among truck drivers in the country.

Despite about 2 million truck drivers visiting sex workers, AIDS awareness is low among the group. Tata Motors looked to reach drivers even on India’s most remote roads. Considering truckers don’t need an introduction to truck art, the Dipper packaging uses truck art, which is easy to identify. The ‘Use Dipper At Night’ messaging has now become even more important clearly implying two meanings in one.