Tata Tiago Travelogue – Friends. Road Trip. Goa.

The new Tata Tiago diesel joined our long term fleet last month. Apart from being our daily runner, we recently used the car for a road trip to Goa. Here is our report.

I recently embarked on a journey to Goa with my friends, to the beach side shacks and the wilderness, to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves. For this we took our long termer Tata Tiago XZ powered by Revotorq diesel engine.

Setting off from Pune on the night of 24th April 2017 in the new Tata Tiago, the six of us (five friends and a Tata Tiago) started from Hinjewadi and headed towards Goa, 450 kms away, without any maps, points, plans or a schedule. By 11:30 p.m. we were on the NH4. With the road diversions and work going on the highway we faced a bit of inconvenience, but the Tata Tiago took us through it with ease even at night. The hatchback’s lights were up to the mark and the visibility was promising. Between all the interruptions of the road, the braking was fantastic the feedback was pretty quick.

The spacious interiors kept us comfortable through the night. Reaching Nipani at 3:45 am, we stopped for a quick bite. Totally dark, pitch black. We were looking for some road-side dhaba that would be open. But one small road side shop was a saviour for us opposite to Kaveri Dhaba. We had bread-omelette and coffee. It was really refreshing with cool breeze going around and silence.

We stayed back for half an hour to forty minutes. After the halt we started again, heading towards Amboli ghat. The closer we were getting to Goa, the higher our excitement levels were getting. Plus, the idea of being on the road, on your own, we decided to stop once again. We stopped somewhere in between before Amboli Ghat for tea break. Surprisingly, it was cold outside. Somehow we managed to light a bonfire, and got ourselves a cup of tea. It was about 5-30 AM, and I just realized that this was among the best enjoyed tea I have ever had.

Soon it was daybreak and we decided to restart our journey. By now the Tiago had already gone through plenty of rough patches on the road, but it gave no complaints at all. The ride quality was not compromised by the worst of Indian roads.

It was 6:16 am by when we touched Amboli. We stopped by for a while again to witness sunrise from the top of the hill range. But unfortunately, we were facing the west side, and could not witness sunrise. But we were fortunate enough to witness the beauty of the crescent moon and beautiful scenery .

We started from Amboli ghat soon after we finished clicking pictures. Hitting on to Redi-Belgavi road. We took left approx. 300 mtrs from Satam Maharaj Samadhi Mandir, by-passing Sawantwadi. (Try to take this route before dark). Hitting all terrain, we could feel the torque turning up after 3,500 rpm. The power delivery was linear and easily controllable – pretty good enough for a 1,050cc engine.

Eager to enter the Goan border, we stopped again before touching the highway. So, yeah pictures were clicked.

The Shiva in the Jungle
The Tata Tiago in the jungle.

Finally we reached Baga by 10 am, checked in the hotel nearby for the night. Got freshen up. Before we realized, we were back in our Tiago. By 12:00 pm we were at Baga beach. All of us were hungry, and we soon found ourselves a shack which was serving fresh fish. It was such a relief to get something into our stomach.

I don’t remember how much we ate, but we were sitting there for a couple of hours. We were too lazy and tired to move around, so we sat till the evening at the same shack.

Water sport one of the best one can get. Fly high.

While returning to the hotel room we heard some people talking about the flea market setup in the night. We went there enjoyed some great show and music. Unfortunately my camera batteries were drained out. So, couldn’t click pictures. Then while returning we had our dinner at one of the restaurants in Baga. By the time we finished dinner it was already 12 am. So, soon after we finished our dinner, we went out for a walk till Calangute beach and came back to the room and dozed off.

After a good night’s rest, all of us were charged-up for the second day. We checked out, and started for Dona Paula, as we had booked the home through Airbnb there. While on the way to Dona Paula, we came across on cafe at Chogum road named Baker Street. Must visit and do try all the doughnuts and especially Herb Chicken.

Beside all the hurdles on the highway and the city, the Tata Tiago served as a faithful companion. The maneuverability and ride comfort were really appreciable. We were five in the car, and the ones sitting at the back, did not complain about space, not once. The only thing that the friends behind me complained about was the air conditioning system which took its time to embrace them. But that’s to be expected I guess when there are five adults in a car that is being driven in the tropical weather of Goa.

After breakfast, we reached Dona Paula and checked in the room. Due to hot and humid weather, we couldn’t help but jumped into the pool soon. Soon we were out, and ready for a road trip around Goa. We went wandering around Cabo De Rama, Agonda Beach and Palolem Beach in South Goa.

And apart from all this the Tata Tiago too enjoyed this trip in its own way, as there were a lot of heads that turned around to see it wherever we stopped. Hats off to Tata for colossally revamping their designs. There were times when Goan people came and asked, if they can take a look at the car from outside. Whomsoever took a peek appreciated the space when they saw five of us sitting inside with a smile.

Soon it was time to head back home. On the way back to home, everybody felt asleep, while I was driving. Nobody felt any discomfort during our way back to home. It was a pleasure to go on a trip on the Tiago.

So with the all new Tata Tiago, a journey full of excitement, torque, power, comfort and happiness came to an end with lots of memories and a wonderful experience.


Kms driven – 1260
Fuel used – 65 liters
Fuel Efficiency – 19.38 kmpl