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Team Germany wins BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012

Team Germany has been victorious at the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012. France has come in second and Italy is in third place. The team entered the grand finale with an 18 point lead. Bad weather failed to dampen spirits which saw the team participate through final trial tests in slippery road conditions.

Day 7 of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2012 held at the lakeside resort of Magma Lodge in Pucón, Chile while riders had to tackle off road conditions at 1500 meters above sea level just short of the snow lime of a 2840 meter volcano. The test involved crossing a rope bridge with each team member being given a plastic cup filled to the brim with water and they were asked to cross the cable bridge and come back again after which the levels of water in the cups were gauged according to fastest time and least amount of spillage. Here Team France came in the lead while Team Germany was in third place.

The GS Trophy involved an adventure through over 2000 kms of treacherous mountainous terrain in the Patagonia mountains of Chile and Argentina over a 7 day period. Teams had to not only deal with rain and slippery road conditions but also searing sun, clouds of dust and humid rainforest weather conditions through most of this period. The end result was in Team Germany’s favor as they were declared winners of the 2012 edition of GS Trophy.


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