Photo says it all: Teen driver crashes Ferrari LaFerrari in China

The first reported Ferrari LaFerrari crash was with the test prototype in 2013, but considering only the production vehicles which were rammed by their respective owners, the first accident took place in Monaco in June, 2014. It was the first place where sold LaFerraris were first spotted plying around, and pretty unsurprisingly one of them got hurt in the same place.

Ferrari LaFerrari accident China
The teen who crashed Ferrari LaFerrari, was visibly distraught with the accident.

The second reported accident involving the hybrid hypercar was in Route Napoléon in southern France, about two weeks back. The owner drove his LaFerrari into a roadside ditch, and jovially tweeted with photos that he had fun with the car in Route Napoléon and tried some off-roading too!

Ferrari LaFerrari crash China
Thus far, three of the 499 units of Ferrari LaFerrari to ever be produced have been wrecked, in about two years.

In both cases, damage was not devastating, but the latest LaFerrari crash in China, would make Flavio Manzoni (Designer of LaFerrari) shed at least a drop of tear. The 950 HP supercar is cruelly sabotaged with damages sustained all around the car. No further information apart from what can be learnt from the photo, are available as of now.

Photo Credits – H. Le Flanchec