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Traffic advisories abound for Bal Thackeray funeral procession: Pune and Mumbai traffic disrupted and bandh tomorrow being discussed

Following the death of Mr. Thackeray, Mumbai is in a slow down mode to ensure peaceful and efficient movement of the cortege through the streets which were once prominent in the Shiv Sena’s four decade rule. The last rites were performed at Shivaji Park and hence all roads leading to the venue had been declared out of bounds between 6 am this morning to 10 pm tonight. No traffic was allowed on veer Savarkar Marg, Annie Besant Road and Mori Road while no parking zones have been declared on Ranade Road, Karatia Marg, Sayani Marg and N C Kelkar Road.

Mumbai police personnel implored people to follow these rules and avoid these routes at all costs. Politicians, dignitaries, family, friends, supporters and followers of the great Shiv Sena Supremo converged at Shivaji Park to pay their last respects to their great leader and hence no vehicles were allowed to ply within a 5 km radius of the grounds in Dadar.

Mumbai police advised those visiting to alight at Five Gardens and walk the rest of the way to the grounds. Traffic on the Western Express Highway and Easter Express Highway werediverted to Ambedkar Road and LBS Marg to ensure smooth flow of traffic. Police personnel were posted at major bus stops and stations across the city while up to date announcements were telecast on all FM Channels throughout the day. As if a lockdown of Mumbai wasn’t enough, auto rickshaws in Pune to refused to ferry passengers. Most were not stationed at stands, and others reacted as though they’d seen a ghost in broad daylight when asked to do their jobs. The few and far in between that took to the road would have amassed a mini loot by end of day. A call to Wings Radio taxi dispatch service in Pune ensured no one answered calls today.

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