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Traffic cop who was thrashed by MLAs, gets suspended

A traffic cop is on duty. He sees over-speeding car with black film on windows on Bandra-Worli sea link. As per his duty, he stops the car and fines the driver. Now, it turns out, that the car belonged to an MLA.

A few days later, the MLA saw the cop at the Maharashtra State Assembly. Still angry over the incident, he decides to teach the cop a lesson he will never forget. So, along with his gang of 14 other MLAs, this MLA here, dragged the poor cop out to the visitor’s gallery. The 15 MLAs then surrounded him and kicked him, punched him, bruised him, to the extent that he was rushed to a nearby hospital. This assault on a on-duty cop was happening in full public view.

So, what happens next. The State Assembly suspends five MLAs of the 15 against whom an FIR is registered. Within days the MLAs walk out free on bail and the cop is suspended. The reason, because the cop used foul language when he fined the MLAs car.

Now this entire episode, seems to be a scene stolen from a Bollywood movie, but it is not. This entire episode took place in Mumbai over the last 7 days. Yesterday, magistrate granted bail to Nalasopara MLA Kshitij Thakur (owner of the car fined for over-speeding) and MNS’s Ram Kadam, and along with it, a forced suspension letter for traffic cop Sachin Suryavanshi.

Of course you win some, and you lose some. There are innumerable instances of improper police handling of traffic incidents, and most come down to unaccounted fines. Irrespective of who’s at the receiving end in this instance, what does send a shudder down one’s spine is the absolute lawlessness of our roads, and who knows who will be targeted next.


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