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Uber India in 10 cities, TripAdvisor and United Airlines Uber API


TripCase users now have the Uber ride advantage, and a special discount pricing through its geo-location enabled app. It saves time by pre-populating pick-up and drop-off locations as and when possible. Research reveals nearly half of TripCase business travelers are likely to use Uber in their next trip.

Konkana-Sen-Uber-IndiaWith tech at our fingertips, how one travels has changed. And, Uber has propelled a new ride system that’s convenient, and easy to pay for. TripAdvisor smartphone app and mobile website now has a new feature. Travelers to reserve a ride with Uber to restaurants, attractions and hotels in over 40 cities worldwide. Users can now see an estimate of Uber car fares and wait times for pickup. Its “Ride there with Uber” button takes users to the Uber app/mobile website to complete the reservation. Charges are levied if a ride turns up, and fare varies by location, vehicle type and travel time.

Expensify’a partnership with Uber debuts SmartRides. Upon landing, users are prompted to make an Uber booking to take the traveler to their destination. You skip the taxi line and needn’t worry about finding your hotel. In quick time, Expensify will fully integrate with Uber For Business so customers can centrally bill and manage an employee’s Uber trips.

United Airlines is now the first airline offering customers Uber transportation services via its mobile app. Customers may access Uber ground transportation info in the United app’s menu or in the “My Reservations” card with a current reservation. Uber information displays types of available vehicles, estimated wait times and prices. Upon selecting a ride, customers are transferred to the Uber app/website to complete the transaction. This week, Uber was launched in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Kolkata. Uber India is now in 10 cities having first started out in India on 29th August, 2013 in Bangalore, followed by Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.


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