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Upcoming Tata cars to receive Narain Karthikeyans’s aid

narain karthikeyan to test tata cars

India’s first and most successful Formula 1 race driver, Narain Karthikeyan has been associated with Tata Motors R&D team for the past four years on special invitation from Ratan Tata. He has been instrumental in the development of both Bolt hatchback and Zest compact sedan and is actively involved in testing programs for next generation cars from Tata Motors.

narain karthikeyan to test tata carsKarthikeyan, the F1 driver from India is associated with testing programs being conducted by The Engineering and Research Centre (ERC) at Tata Motors and has offered an insight into ways to improve driving ergonomics, ride and handling facilities and enhance steering balance, all of which go a long way in improving performance of the vehicles. These have been seen on board both Bolt and Zest which have been noted to possess more character than other Tata cars in the past.

Tata Motors Zest will be the first turbo petrol powered compact sedan to be launched in India and will receive three driver selectable modes on offer on Zest Diesel AMT in the form of Cruise, Comfort and Sport.

Karthikeyan’s involvement with the development of Tata cars is right from its conceptual stage to the final testing stage. He offers valuable feedback on various aspects such as electric power steering calibration to steering at high speeds, ways to improve balance and ride handling and he also offers his opinion on tyres with regard to size while taking into account performance and fuel efficiency. Karthikeyan also offers pointers on ergonomics and riding position of drivers.

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  • Rms

    Let us hope that he gets them to reduce the weight in the cars, improve quality, complete the car before selling it to the public so that modifications are not constantly carried out, if any modifications are necessary they should be done so that they can be done to previous versions, also remind them that they are making cars not trucks.

  • Vivek

    Other point to take note by tata motors, is their after sales service, I own a tata car and will not dare to go for another tata car just because of the service experiences that i have gone through.

  • Tommy

    Tata cars look so ugly.. they should work on the looks on top priority.