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Volkswagen XL1 111 kmpl car gets ready to roll: 2013 Geneva will witness production ready example

Volkswagen XL1 is a Super Efficient Vehicle, which will also wear the tag of being the most fuel efficient production car when it is finally showed in Geneva on 5th March 2013. The small diesel-electric hybrid will deliver an impressive mileage of 313 mpg or 111.11 kmpl, thanks to the state of the art plug-in hybrid system. Volkswagen says, XL1 will have a range of 50 kms when running on pure electric power.

Also known as the Volkswagen 1 Liter car, the two seater was first envisioned by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Piëc in 2002. It was first shown at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept L1. Later in 2011, at the Qatar Motor Show, Volkswagen showed us the developments made to the L1 concept as XL1 concept. Volkswagen XL1 has a kerb weight of 795 kgs, of which the battery and drive unit comprises of 227 kgs, running gear of 153 kgs, equipments at 80 kgs, 105 kgs of electrical system, and 230 kgs of bodyweight including wing doors, windows, futuristic thin glass and monocoque.

Surprisingly, only 23.2% (184 kgs) of XL1 is steel and iron. Powered by a 2 cylinder turbo-diesel engine that returns 48 PS & 120 Nm torque, and an E-motor that delivers additional 27 PS & 20 Nm torque, the XL1 generates a total output of 75 PS. and 140 Nm torque. Power transmission is taken care by 7 speed dual clutch DSG transmission, while carbon emissions are at just 21 g/km. 0-100 kmph is achieved in just 12.7 seconds while the XL1 has a top speed of 160 kmph. Other interesting fact of this interesting car is the way it tries to save energy. The car is designed in such a way that it will draw just 8.4 PS of the available 75 PS when travelling at a constant speed of 100 kmph.

In Volkswagen’s words, “XL1 is a future car that is built today.” With a co-efficient drag of just 0.189, (much lesser than the new Mercedes Benz CLA’s Cd of 0.22) this is the most aerodynamic car in the world. The production ready variant of XL1 will carry dimensions of 3888mm X 1665mm X 1153mm (L X W X H), which is very similar to the Volkswagen Polo sold in India whose dimensions are 3970mm X 1682mm X 1282mm.

Production of XL1 will take place at the Osnabrück plant in Germany. A team of 1800 specialists will use handcrafting-like production methods instead of conventional large-scale production methods to produce the XL1, which will be produced in limited numbers this year. Depending on demand, the production will be increased. Price is not yet revealed. Wait till the 2013 Geneva Motor Show which kicks off in less than 2 weeks from now. Till then, enjoy in detail what Volkswagen says of their XL1 below.

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