Volvo features on list of most attractive employers

Universum survey has recently revealed that Volvo Car Corporation has been ranked 43rd on the list of most attractive employers in the world. The survey carried out was based on responses from 144,000 economics and engineering students from the world’s twelve largest economies. This survey is conducted on an annual basis by Universum.

Volvo Car Corporation is now in the same league as other top auto companies such as Daimler, Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford Motor Company as it joins other auto companies which are among the favorites where engineering students are concerned. A total of seven auto companies features among the list of 50 top favorites.

Engineering students found that these companies are most preferred as they offer not only attractive services and products but are also most desirable where employer employee relations and systems are concerned. Universum released the list of world’s most attractive employers 2012.

The list was divided into business category and engineering category which showcases these company potential as top class employers where attraction and retention are concerned. The survey was conducted across engineering students based in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, UK, and US.

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Volvo Car Corporation is one of the world’s most attractive employers

For the first time ever, Volvo Car Corporation has made it onto the list of the world’s most attractive employers. The Universum survey reveals that Volvo Car Corporation is ranked 43rd among technology-based companies.

“This is great news for us. It’s the joint result of all our employees’ dedication, enthusiasm and hard work to make Volvo Car Corporation an even more vibrant company,” says Björn Sällström, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Volvo Car Corporation.

The ranking is evidence that the company’s drive to build its brand as an employer of choice has borne fruit.

The survey is based on responses from 144,000 economics and engineering students from the world’s twelve largest economies, and is conducted every year by Universum.

“Volvo Car Corporation now steps right in among the big car-makers such as Daimler, Toyota and Volkswagen, showing that they are truly in the market for the best global talents,” says Claes Peyron, Director Nordic Region at Universum.

One of this year’s trends is that the automotive industry has generally become increasingly popular among engineering students. Seven of the 50 companies on the list are in the automotive sector.

“The students want to work in companies that offer attractive products and services, which is exactly what these companies do. What is more, they are global and have strong brands,” says Claes Peyron.

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Universum is a company that works with employer branding. The company’s surveys are answered every year by 400,000 students and young academics the world over.

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