Volvo S60 sedan and XC60 SUV India launch images and report

volvo india launch xc60 and s60 at swedish embassy new delhi (5)The cars were unveiled by H.E. Mr. Harald Sandberg, The Ambassor of Sweden and Mr. Tomas Ernberg, MD, Volvo Auto India. The very epitome of style, performance and driving comforts, S60 and XC60 receives leather lined sports seats with side support from thighs to shoulders. This ensures that driver is kept comfortable and firmly in place even when tackling fast corners. To ensure maximum comfort, Volvo Cars India have tested nearly 100 persons of varying shapes and sizes to ensure that they are comfortable and have sufficient leg room.

The two new cars also sport various other safety, comfort and infotainment features in its interiors which include three spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters. Steering wheel can be specified with heating for added comfort during the winter months. A digital TFT instrument cluster with three modes is being offered and buyers can select from three graphic display themes in the form of “Elegance (Amberish), ECO (Greenish), and Performance (Sporty Reddish)”. The other car to feature this, is the likes of Lamborghini Aventador!

Other features aboard the S60 and XC60 are LED daytime running lights, wider grille, integrated tail pipes and a host of safety features. S60 will be offered in four color preferences of Passion Red, Vibrant Copper, Crystal White Pearl and Power Blue, while XC60 will be available in 8 colours which will include Black Metallic, Electric Silver, Caspian Blue, Twilight Bronze, Flamenco Red Pearl, Crystal White Pearl, Bright Silver Metallic and Rich Java.

Speaking about their plans and what have they already achieved in India, Tomas Ernberg said that they are proud of what they have achieved in India. From 1% market share 2 years back, Volvo India has s 3% market share today in the Indian luxury car industry and one of their best performers, Hyderabad, is where they have 22% market share. In 2013, they have sold about 1,000 cars in the Jan- Sep period and 75-80% of these were S60 and XC60.

When asked why they are not able to compete with the German trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, he said, two reasons. The first, that their brand image is not on-par, even when their car’s are equally good, if not more. So, their immediate plan now is to improve their brand image in India. The second is investments. Volvo India does not have the resources to match the kind of investments made by German trio.

But, they plan to work towards this. Their sales are on the rise. Volvo V40 hatchback, which competes with the Mercedes Benz A Class, B Class, BMW 1 Series, X1 and Audi Q3, has seen a good demand by buyers in India. Today, it is available at a waiting period, and Volvo India is proud about it. They have already sold 100 units of V40, and about 75 more are awaited. They could have sold more, but the supply was limited from Sweden. Next year, they will be allotted more cars, so Volvo aims to sell more cars. 

On new cars, like the one’s to compete with next gen compact luxury sedans Audi A3, Mercedes CLA, Tomas says, they do not have anything in the making as of now. Speaking about growth, Volvo India head says that they plan on getting a 15% share by 2020, which is selling 20,000 units. This is also the year when Volvo Group aims to sell 800,000 cars globally.

For more information on the two new cars, scroll through the press release below.


Volvo Cars launch the New Generation S60 and XC60 in ‘true Scandinavian style’

  • New, more comfortable sport seats
  • City Safety up to 50 km/hr
  • Three-spoke steering wheels now be accompanied by paddle shifters
  • 3 graphic display themes Elegance, ECO, and Performance
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Dual Exhaust Tail Pipes, Integrated

New Delhi, 23rd October 2013: Volvo Auto India today unveiled the all new S60 & XC60 at Swedish Embassy, New Delhi. The S60 and XC60 are best-selling models in several important markets. It is the renewal boosts, the dynamic appearance and appeal of the Volvo 60 cluster, that makes this launch stand above the rest.

The new 60 cars are priced (Ex-showroom, Delhi) at:-

S60 D4 KIN INR 29, 90,000
S60 D4 SUM INR 32, 50,000
S60 D5 SUM INR 35, 50,000

XC60 D4 KIN INR 40, 50,000
XC60 D4 SUM INR 43, 50,000
XC60 D5 SUM INR 46, 55,000

The cars will be retailed through Volvo’s dealerships across the country starting November 2013.

Tomas Ernberg, Managing Director, Volvo Auto India said, “Taking our philosophy of ‘Designed Around You’ a step further, we have the New Generation S60 & XC60 for our esteemed customers with changes designed around their comfort and need. We have focused on quality and attention to detail in order to give these dynamic models a major boost and sharpen their competitiveness. We have been listening very carefully to our customers to make improvements and ensure that we make these successful cars even more attractive.”

“Scandinavian design is exemplified by beautiful, simple shapes and surfaces with any unnecessary clutter removed. This is evident in the redesigned interior and exterior of the new 60 cars. Inside, the attention to detail, the authentic materials – such as wood and leather – and the easy-to-use controls contribute to the in-command driving experience. Supportive yet comfortable seats that ensure a fresh and relaxed arrival after the longest of journeys have been Volvo’s strength for decades”, he further adds.

Key Enhancements in the New S60 and XC60

Sport Leather Seats: The new sport seat has great hugging side support all the way from the thighs to the shoulders, so the seat keeps the driver firmly in position when cornering fast. Nearly one hundred people of all shapes and sizes tested this seat, only followed by a really enthusiastic response. Also adjustments are made to the seat back, so it provides more legroom for passengers in the rear.

Gear Shift Paddles: The three-spoke steering wheels can now be accompanied by paddle shifters for cars specified with automatic transmission. They turn the automatic box into a manual with the benefit of gear shifting with both hands on the wheel. The paddle shifters give the enthusiastic driver an additional edge, particularly when powering round twisty roads. And for the added comfort of drivers in Sweden and other cold countries, the steering wheel can also be specified with heating for increased comfort on cold winter days.

Digital TFT Instrument Cluster with 3 Modes: Thin Film Transistor (TFT) is the latest technology user in monitors and televisions. You can choose from 3 graphic display themes “Elegance (Amberish), ECO (Greenish), and Performance (Sporty Reddish)”. The driving modes transform the interactive dashboard, monitor your driving, and assist you in maintaining optimization and not to mention the mood.

LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL): Together with wider grille and daylight running lights, they give 60 cars a striking, squat presence.

Dual Exhaust Tail Pipes, Integrated:  The new integrated tailpipes, which can be specified with some engine variants, are the physical and visual link to the technically advanced engines. But it is not just about beautiful design: the designers have had to cope with the fact that at operating temperature, the tailpipes have to remain perfectly in place despite the exhaust system expanding in length by up to 25 mm. This is another example of true Scandinavian precision engineering.

Laser Assisted Automatic Braking – City safety: City Safety up to 50 km/hr – When the city throws its chaotic face, you’d be a step ahead and a lot safer. The latest version of City Safety prevents collisions up to 50 km/h. This laser based feature senses emergency situations beforehand and pre-charges the brakes to increase the impact of braking or even deploys the brakes if in case they aren’t timely applied.

The New Volvo S60 – Super Sporty!

The new dynamic S60 design with its purposeful, dynamic appearance accentuates the car’s sporting nature. Increased the S60’s road presence with a new front design. The more focused and determined-looking headlamps help create this new, expressive ‘face’. Emphasis was given to the S60’s horizontal lines at both the front and the rear. Together with details such as a wider grille and daylight running lights, give the S60 a striking, squat presence. The car has a beauty that is rooted in the natural world. The clean surfaces and contours give it a very Scandinavian feel. Available in 4 colours i.e. Passion Red, Vibrant Copper, Crystal White Pearl and Power Blue.

The New S60 is available with following wheels:-

Pandora, 215/50R 17W

YMIR, 235/40R 18Y

Titania, 235/40R 18Y

The New Volvo XC60 – A few Notches above

Volvo’s best-selling model, the XC60, takes on a more urban twist. The redesigned front features a new hood shape that emphasizes the wide, confident look. The new look has given away all- black trim so that it’s one body colour. The new headlamps look very focused and determined, and the horizontal lines on the grille with its chrome bars emphasize the car’s width.

The refined XC60 has a commanding driving position supported by generous ground clearance and the class-leading chassis. The XC60 is designed to feel every bit as nimble and agile as a standard height road car. Available in 8 colours i.e. Black Metallic, Electric Silver, Caspian Blue, Twilight Bronze, Flamenco Red Pearl, Crystal White Pearl, Bright Silver Metallic and Rich Java.

The New XC60 is available with following wheels:-

SEGIN, 235/65R 17 V

ZEPHYRUS, 235/60R 18 V