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Yamaha R25 Akrapovic exhaust note sounds like a beast (Video)

Yamaha R25 Akrapovic

Yamaha R25 was earlier spied with Akrapovic exhaust fitted in place of stock. In addition, it had MotoGP livery similar to R25 concept showcased at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. It appeared as if Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing ganged up with Candra Custom Knalpot (Candra Custom Exhaust, motorcycle performance tuning specialist) to launch Yamaha R25 MotoGP edition.

Now, it is made clear that special exhausts are being made for Yamaha R25, by two popular brands. Sakura R25 racing exhaust and Akrapovic, which will be priced around 5 million Indonesian Rupiah (Rs. 25,591 approx.). While details about former has not surfaced online yet, our counterpart at Indonesia has made a video of Akrapovic exhaust roaring through redline.

Akrapovic exhaust for R25 is equipped with silencer or DB killer. Hence ear tearing rev note will not be spontaneous anywhere near engine idle speed. It would rather be inconspicuous while riding through dense city traffic. Once you get on a freeway and get past conventional shift speed, Akrapovic exhaust on Yamaha R25 will start calling for attention.

Yamaha R25 Adjust Shift light -01ECU of R25 showcased in video is in stock tune, and it is to be noted that performance remains the same. Once ECU of R25 with Akrapovic exhaust is remapped, boost in acceleration would be felt along with more responsive growl in lower rpm.

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