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Yamaha R25 getting ready for delivery in Indonesia – Video

Yamaha R25 assembly 01

If you intent to identify those 2,800 fans who booked Yamaha R25 online, its easy, check for finger nails! They probably bit them all off waiting very eagerly for delivery. Yamaha released a brief video of R25’s assembly to cool fans down, by indicating the rides are getting ready.

Yamaha R25 assembly 01Video gives a quick peak into Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) plant, where recently launched YZF R25 sports bike is getting assembled from valves and rings to bars and fairings. It would be a feast for fans to watch the bikes on video and wonder if one of those units would reach their home. The 1 minute film also shows R25 put to test on a dynamometer.

Launched on 20 May 2014, Yamaha R25 nourished the otherwise scarce competition in quarter litre sports bike segment. Thus far, through photos and videos surfaced online, Yamaha R25 is the fastest machine compared to close rivals. R25 managed to reach 173 kmph at 12,500 rpm whereas yet-to-launch Honda CBR 300R could not get past 169 kmph at 10,100 rpm.

Top speed factor along with Yamaha’s promotion via expert stunt shows and track performance video releases, easily pushes R25 to most wanted list of sport biking enthusiasts. Sadly, fans in India, Japan, Europe and other developing markets around Indonesia may get their hands on Yamaha R25 only in 2015.

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