BMW D:3 website is live now, Motorrad to thrill in Dhoom

The 3rd sequel of Bollywood action thriller Dhoom, D:3 releases later this month. The film retains some of their old cast, and Aamir Khan has joined in this time around. The new film sees Aamir escaping through the streets on a BMW K 1300 R while his antagonist follows in an S 1000 RR.

BMW D3 website is live now, Motorrad to thrill in Dhoom

With 173 bhp and 140 Nm, BMW K 1300 R is a fitting bike for a thrilling chase, and finds itself up against BMW S 1000 RR with 193 bhp and 112 Nm. The latter sees Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan in pursuit of Khan.

Aamir Khan, voted by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world can hardly wait for the film’s release. Katrina Kaif appears in the movie alongside Aamir Khan. The Youtube trailer has over 12 million clicks already. The world premiere of Dhoom:3 is on December 20th 2013. Earlier this week, it was announced BMW Motorrad partners exclusively with Dhoom 3.

“In Dhoom:3 – the third instalment of the Bollywood blockbuster due for international release on 20 December – BMW Motorrad and Yash Raj Films unveil their debut collaboration in the form of an exclusive motorcycle partnership.”

“For BMW Motorrad, the focus is always on the rider’s experience. That is why we are incredibly proud to be making our debut not just in an Indian film venture but in the biggest Bollywood blockbuster of the year – and with our BMW bikes playing such a high-profile role,” says Alexander Baraka, Head of Events, Exhibitions and Motorsport Marketing. “This is a project predestined for high-speed chases on the big screen.”