Bond cars and all cool things from 007 movies now available at a very affordable price

Bond movies are loved by one and all. The characteristic personalities, behaviors and cars particular to this Hollywood character have enthralled fans all over the world. There are many fans that would love to add a Bond car to their collection but are unable to do so, cause not everyone has a no limit credit from the Bank of England. However, if you are really interested, UK based Hagerty International, an insurance institution has made a list of Bond cars, one can opt for without paying a hefty price.

This list of cars include those like the Aston Martin Vanquish, Ford Mustang Mach 1, Sunbeam Alpine Series 2, AMC hornet, Alpha Romeo GTV6, Lotus Esprit S1, BMW Z3, BMW 750 IL, Mercury Cougar XR7 and the Lotus Esprit Turbo. The price range of these cars ranges from £1,200 to £65,000. This option is quite good who find that their pockets are not deep enough to purchase an expensive Aston Martin DB5. One can look up for important details pertaining to these cars on the Hagerty International site.

“Every red-blooded car guy wants to be James Bond and drive an Aston Martin,” says Angus Forsyth, Managing Director of Hagerty International.  “However, if a six-figure DB5 does not fit into your budget we’ve selected collectible and authentic Bond cars that offer the same level of class and sophistication.”


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