CEAT to sell cricket bats along-side car tyres in their showrooms

In a bid to comply with International Cricket Council (ICC) regulations that stipulate that only cricket bat manufacturers can display their logos on sporting equipment, tyre makers CEAT (Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino) will soon be entering into the manufacture of cricket bats.

ceat to sell cricket bats alongside tyres in indiaFollowing this regulation by ICC, Ceat Tyres, a company that wholeheartedly supports cricket in the country with their logos displayed on both sides of the cricket bat will soon commence manufacture of upto 10,000 cricket bats per annum.

These cricket bats from Ceat Tyres will be available at all Ceat Shoppes besides company dealerships across the country. This move will not only permit the company to sponsor cricket matches and proudly display their logos on sporting equipment and cricket bats but will also act as a channel to make the brand more visible to public.

Once production and sale of cricket bats from Ceat Tyres gets under-way, the company will face competition from others in the field such as MRF, Slazenger, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra and BDM. In view of foraying into this sporting venture, Ceat Tyres has already moved for an alteration in the object clause of Memorandum of Association with the passing of special resolution of shareholders yet to be conducted.

via Economic Times