Ford shows how to perform a burnout in new Mustang

How many times you would have tried or wished to perform a burnout like the one’s you see in movies like Fast and Furious? Most of us are unsuccessful in doing so, and that is for a very good reason. Because it is not for everyone. Performing a burnout is not only awesome, but is also very dangerous, if you are not in control.

Ford shows how to perform a burnout in new MustangBut, that’s a thing of the past. Just like how automatic transmission came to the rescue of many, the new Line Lock feature aboard the 2015 Mustang will give you perfect control over your car while performing a burnout, so that you don’t end up into someone else’s car, shop, tree, etc while trying to show-off.

Once you have enabled this fancy Line Lock feature, what happens technically, is that your Mustang’s front wheels are locked, and rear wheels are free. All you need to do, is just push the accelerator pedal and the result will be a perfect, white smoky burnout, exactly like the one which you could only dream of, until now.